About Us

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Our Mission

Plus Size For believes everyone deserves the right to participate fully in our democracy. We make it possible for plus size people to show support for their favorite candidates and causes by offering the first-ever line of political graphic tees in sizes XS to 6X. 

With us, you can express your support for the candidates and causes that matter most to you and look damn good doing it! 

Two-thirds of U.S. women are plus size. No one can get elected and no law can pass without our support. We're sick of being ignored. It's time to swipe right on plus size people. 

We're founded by progressive plus size womxn. Ten percent of all of our profits go to Fair Fight, a pro-democracy organization that advocates for election reform at all levels and engages in targeted voter registration and other voter outreach programs.


Rebecca Alexander, Co-Founder & CEO

Rebecca Alexander (she/her) has been active in local politics since high school when she and her local Rotary Club successfully advocated against the re-zoning of a Southern Oregon orchard, much to the dismay of a Walmart, Inc. who hoped to build a Superstore on the site. Since the election of 2016, Rebecca has been more engaged in national politics. She frequently comes across political graphic tees she wants to buy only to find they don't come in her size. Rather than accept this reality, she decided to change it. When she met Jamie Carle, she knew she found the right partner and Plus Size For was born.

Rebecca Alexander is Founder & CEO of AllGo, a community review platform where plus-size people rate the comfort and accessibility of public places so others can know what it’s like before going out. Rebecca is also the author of children's book A Kid's Book About Body Image, a book that takes the conversation around body image head on, helping kids not only love their own bodies the way they are, but others too.


Jamie Carle, Co-Founder & CCO

Jamie Carle (they/them) first got involved in politics during the Occupy Wall Street movement. OWS's ideals of dismantling wealth disparities and regulating the financial industry really appealed to Jamie. They'd felt the effects of the housing crisis first hand and was proud to advocate of systemic change. Like Rebecca (and most of the world), Jamie was disturbed by the results of the 2016 presidential election. Jamie was a frequent volunteer for Bernie Sanders' campaign in 2016 but regrets not doing more. Jamie wants Plus Size For to be wildly successful so we can cut a big check to our beneficiary organization, Fair Fight.

Jamie Carle is a Portland-based photographer and social media manager who has a passion for politics and activism.